Why Water Underfloor Heating?

Find out why Water Underfloor Heating is a great fit for your project.

Where to use Water Underfloor Heating

Fastwarm Single Zone water underfloor heating system
Single Zone System

Fastwarm Single Zone Water Kits are used on projects when only a single thermostat is required. These systems are available in both standard output, for well insulated new builds, or high output where there may be greater heat loss due to multiple external walls or large areas of glass.

Fastwarm Multi Zone water underfloor heating system
Multi Zone System

Fastwarm Multi Zone Systems are designed for use across the whole property when requiring multiple areas to be controlled independently. Designed for high heat output the Fastwarm Multi Zone System is ideal for new build or home renovations, giving you an optimal output to warm your home.

Fastwarm Low Profile water underfloor heating system
Low Profile System

Fastwarm low profile systems have been developed for retro fitting applications. Supplied with Fastwarm Duo Boards this system keep floor build up to a minimum whilst also providing insulation. Alternatively, Fastwarm low profile systems can be supplied with the Solid18 Gypsum panel, which can be floated over the subfloor and tiled directly over.

Benefits of Fastwarm Water Underfloor Heating

Because underfloor heating covers such a large surface area, the water within the system can have a lower temperature (approx. 40°C) than standard radiators require (approx. 75°C). For this reason, water underfloor heating is around 25% more efficient than radiators and up to 40% more efficient when paired with a heat pump! Underfloor Heating also alleviates cold spots in your room which radiators are prone to and even removes the need for radiators at all, giving you back precious wall space.

Use Anywhere icon
Use Anywhere

Underfloor heating is highly flexible when installing into your property. From new builds to renovations and extensions, there is a solution to suit! You can install water underfloor heating into one room or multiple rooms, and you can even have underfloor heating on your upper floors.

Heated floors icon
Heated floors

One of the main benefits of underfloor heating systems is how it feels. Heat emits upwards from the floor, making cold floors feel warm underfoot. UFH systems produce an even warmth, eliminating cold spots and draughts common with radiators.

25% More Beneficial icon
25% More Beneficial

Warm water underfloor heating uses a lower flow temperature than a radiator system. Effectively making a large radiator out of the floor surface area. Doing so allows you to heat the room effectively, using less energy in the process. For this reason, water underfloor heating is around 25% more efficient than radiators and up to 40% more efficient when paired with a heat pump!

Versatile icon

Underfloor heating systems are hidden and not visible as the pipe work is hidden beneath the floor. This eliminates the need for radiators, freeing up valuable wall space. Water underfloor heating is ideal for open plan living, smaller homes, or rooms which space is limited.

Hygienic and Safe icon
Hygienic and Safe

Underfloor heating means no radiators. This makes it a safe option for young children and the elderly. Underfloor Heating is also great for allergy sufferers as it provides warmth free from draughts and dust movements that can aggravate certain conditions.

Going Green icon
Going Green

As a low temperature heating system, underfloor heating uses less energy than traditional high temperature systems like radiators. This can help you to reduce your carbon footprint – even more so when installed alongside a Heatpump!

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