Why Electric Underfloor Heating?

Find out why Electric Underfloor Heating is a great fit for your project.

Where to use Electric Underfloor Heating

Fastwarm electric underfloor heating systems are suitable for all areas, any structural substrates, and most floor coverings, however its always best to check with the flooring manufacture to confirm compatibility.

Electric Underfloor Heating systems are most commonly used for small renovation projects as they provide a mess free installation with minimal floor height increases.

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Benefits of Fastwarm Electric Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating distributes heat evenly throughout your room, alleviating cold spots and allowing you to remove ugly radiators on the walls. It’s more energy efficient than conventional heating methods and provides a luxurious feeling under foot.

Electric Underfloor Heating systems heat up quicker than Water Underfloor Heating systems or traditional convention-based solutions, so you don’t need to leave your heating on for long periods of time to feel the benefit. When installed correctly, Electric Underfloor Heating systems require zero maintenance.

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Minimal Disturbance and Ultra-Low Profile Install

Fastwarm Electric underfloor heating cables are manufactured to offer the homeowner a ultra-low profile build-up of floor levels using a 2mm Teflon coated multi strand conductor which is install beneath the floor finish. Meaning there is no need for unnecessary works such as digging out subfloors.

Dust Circulation and Hygiene icon
Dust Circulation and Hygiene

When using Radiators, the air is circulated around the room and whilst doing so, the heated air will absorb moisture and dust particles within the room. Once the system is satisfied it will shut down allowing all the particles to settle into the room. This can have an impact on allergies and the presence of dust mites and moisture on floors. Underfloor heating will eliminate moisture and dust mites on floors, also reducing the circulation of these dust particles in the room as it is radiant heat and not convection heating.

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Warm Floors and Controllable Heat

The Fastwarm electric underfloor heating provides an even heat across the available floor area. The system is independently controlled by a programmable thermostat which allows it to be run as and when required.

Easy to Install and Maintenance Free
Easy to Install and Maintenance Free

The Fastwarm systems are easily installed and are supplied with full instruction manuals back with outstanding technical support. Once installed, tested, floor finishes laid and commissioned, the Lifetime guarantee is registered. This gives you peace of mind that there is no need to carry out any maintenance of the electric underfloor heating system.

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