Water Underfloor Heating

We offer several different wet systems such as single zone, multizone, in screed, retrofit and low profile systems. We can also provide free bespoke designs if you can't find what you need.

We offer several different wet systems such as single zone, multizone, in screed, retrofit and low profile systems

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Water Underfloor Heating Company

Are you looking for water underfloor heating products at some of the best prices you will find online? Then welcome to FastWarm. We are the leading UK supplier of underfloor heating products, and our water underfloor heating range is one of the largest you will find online. We have 20 years of experience when it comes to sourcing the best possible products for our customers, and our passion for innovative design has seen us become a firm favourite with so many customers.

So what is a water underfloor heating system? Well, it consists of a network of pipes which are placed under your flooring. These channel hot water, which will heat your floor from beneath. Just think of it like a radiator that is located beneath the floor, and you are on the right track! An underfloor heating system is discreet, leaving you to make the most of all the wall space in a room. It is also an extremely efficient option, and it can help you significantly reduce your energy bills. We offer the largest range of water underfloor heating kits you’ll find online, and we can match any quote!

If you want to know more about us and the water underfloor heating systems that we sell, we would be happy to answer your questions. Just get in touch with a member of our team today, and they will give you all of the information you need to move forward with total confidence.

We supply customers shopping for their own homes, and also work with those in the trade who are in need of a supplier they can trust. Whatever your needs and whatever the project that awaits, we will go above and beyond to make sure that all of your requirements are met.

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What is Water Underfloor Heating?

Water Underfloor Heating is an energy efficient and affordable alternative to traditional radiator based central heating systems. It uses warm water to heat your home in a far more efficient manner than traditional radiators, reducing heating bills and having less impact on the environment.

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What is Water Underfloor Heating
How does Water Underfloor Heating work?

How does Water Underfloor Heating work?

Water Underfloor Heating works by turning the floor area into a giant, efficient and invisible heat emitter.

The system is composed of hard wearing and flexible lengths of Pert Al Pert pipe, embedded in the floor, to circulate warm water throughout the property. The warmth from the water is absorbed into the floor substrate, which then radiates into the room above.

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What are the benefits of Water Underfloor Heating?

Because underfloor heating covers such a large surface area, the water within the system can have a lower temperature (approx. 40°C) than standard radiators require (approx. 75°C). For this reason, water underfloor heating is around 25% more efficient than radiators and up to 40% more efficient when paired with a heat pump!

Underfloor Heating also alleviates cold spots in your room which radiators are prone to and even removes the need for radiators at all, giving you back precious wall space.

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Water underfloor heating is suitable for most properties
Suitable for most properties
Water underfloor heating is energy efficient
Energy efficient
Water underfloor heating means no cold spots!
No cold spots
Water underfloor heating provides a luxurious feeling underfoot
Luxurious feeling of warm floors
Water underfloor heating offers flexible heating control
Flexible control through zoning areas of the home
Water underfloor heating maximises space in your home
Maximise space in the home, no radiators on the wall

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What types of Water Underfloor Heating system are there?

All Water Underfloor Heating systems are basically the same, they all pump warm water through pipework in the floor. The main differences being:

Pipe Spacing

What effect does the pipe spacing have?

Number of Zones

What are circuits
and zones?

Pipe Diameter

Does the pipe diameter matter?

Fixing Method

How is the pipe fixed to my floor?

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How is Water Underfloor Heating installed?

There are several ways to install the flexible pipework depending on your project needs. We offer various methods to ensure correct pipe spacings are maintained to enable your desired heat output.

Clip Track

Clip Track

The Clip Track system comes in 1m lengths and provides vertical clips the pipe can be pressed into, keeping each coil the correct distance apart. The Clip Track can be secured to the PIR insulation or directly onto an insulated concrete base and covered with a screed.

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Our fixing Staples provide more flexibility on the pipe spacing. They are plastic U-shaped clips with barbed ends, which can be pressed directly into the PIR insulation to hold the pipework in whatever configuration is required.

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DUO Boards

DUO Boards

Our DUO Boards are comprised of an EPS400 polystyrene board with a 200micron aluminium foil face to aid with heat distribution. The boards contain grooves pre-cut to 150mm spacings which the pipe is simply pressed into. The boards can be laid over an existing floor substrate and tiled directly over. Available in 16mm (12mm pipe) and 20mm (16mm pipe) depths.

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Egg Crate

Egg Crate

The Egg Crate system provides great flexibility with pipe spacing and easy installation due to their design. They take the form of a plastic sheet with protrusions across the face that grip the Underfloor Heating pipes once pressed together. This system is available for 16mm pipe or 12mm pipe.

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ProFix Panels

ProFix Panels

Like the Egg Crate system, the Profix system offers a 600x600 plastic tile covered with a repeating eyelet pattern for a 12mm Underfloor Heating pipe to be pressed into. The Profix system also has connecting tabs around the perimeter allowing several panels to be interlocked for easier installation.

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SOLID18 Panels

SOLID18 Panels

Our Solid18 Gypsum Panels come pre-grooved at 150mm centres and offer an easy retrofit solution. The high-density dry screed board acts as a heat conductor to give excellent heat distribution.

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Spreader Plates

Spreader Plates

Our Spreader Plate solution enables the installation of Water Underfloor Heating pipes in between floor joists. The Spreader Plates are secured directly to the top of the floor joists and offer grooved channels to contain the underfloor heating pipe. With suitable insulation installed beneath, the Spreader Plates also offer even heat distribution to the floor above.

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Fastwarm® only supply the Highest Quality Multi Layered Barrier Pipe

  • Suitable for 150mm-250mm Spacing
  • Maximum Flow Temperatures 95°c
  • Maximum Pressure 10 Bar
  • 100% Oxygen and Light Barrier
Fastwarm expanded pipe diagram
Install Fastwarm underfloor heating yourself

Can I install Water Underfloor Heating myself?

An experienced DIYer should have no issues installing our low-profile panel systems or our in screed systems, some basic plumbing knowledge and general building experience should see you well on your way to completing your install. However, you will need a qualified plumber / electrician to complete all connections to the heat source to comply with UK building regulations.

Generally, though, Water Underfloor Heating systems are installed as part of a larger building project or property renovation and as such the installation is taken care of by the building contractor or employed installer.

We also have an extensive network of Fastwarm® approved installers should you require them.

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Which system should I choose?

Here's a quick overview of each system.
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Fastwarm Electric Underfloor Heating Kits

Electric Systems

Easier to install
Less disruptive to install
Minimum increase to floor height
Perfect for retro fit projects
Ideal for smaller areas
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Fastwarm Water Underfloor Heating Kits

Water Systems

No increase to floor height when embedded in screed or between joists
Cheaper to run than Electric Underfloor Heating
Preferred solution for new builds and renovations
Ideal for whole properties or Large areas
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