Cable Coverage Guide

Not sure how much cable you need, let us help.

About Fastwarm® Cable

Fastwarm® loose cable system are a 2mm Teflon coat multi strand cable which produces 10watt per linear meter of cable. The output per meter squared is based on the spacings the installer creates between the cables. The below chart will aid in the spacing and outputs. Get in touch today should you require further information on you system or if it suitable for you floor covering.

Cable Spacing
Wattage 200W per M2
Cable Spacing
Wattage 165W per M2
Cable Spacing
Wattage 150W per M2
Cable Spacing
Wattage 130W per M2
Cable Spacing
Wattage 100W per M2
Coverage (m2) Coverage (m2)   Drum Sizes
5cm spacing Power Cable Length Drum 1 Drum 2
0.6m2 115w 11.5m 11.5m -
0.7m2 140w 14m 14m -
0.8m2 170w 17m 17m -
1.1m2 225w 22.5m 22.5m -
1.45m2 290w 29m 29m -
1.75m2 350w 35m 35m -
2m2 400w 40m 40m -
2.4m2 480w 48m 48m -
2.8m2 560w 56m 56m -
3.2m2 640w 64m 64m -
3.5m2 700w 70m 70m -
3.8m2 760w 76m 76m -
4.1m2 820w 82m 82m -
4.6m2 920w 92m 92m -
5.2m2 1040w 104m 104m -
5.7m2 1140w 114m 114m -
6.2m2 1250w 125m 125m -
7.2m2 1450w 145m 145m -
8m2 1160w 160m 160m -
9m2 1800w 180m 180m -
10.4m2 2080w 208m 104m 104m
11.4m2 2280w 228m 114m 114m
12.5m2 2500w 250m 125m 125m
13.5m2 2700w 270m 145m 125m
14.5m2 2900w 290m 145m 145m
15.3m2 3050w 305m 160m 145m
16m2 3200w 320m 160m 160m
17.3m2 3400w 345m 180m 160m
18m2 3600w 360m 180m 180m