Measuring Up

Our guide on to how to measure your room for underfloor heating

How to measure up for Underfloor Heating

Measuring for underfloor heating within you property is an easy task to complete. You'll need to gain your available heated area following these 3 easy steps.

Step 1
Room Size

Measure the Length and Width of the room to work out the overall square meterage.

Step 2
Fixed Furniture

Work out dimensions of any fixed furniture such as kitchen units including appliances, kitchen islands, bathroom suite (shower tray, bath, toilet and sink pedestals) and any flat lying furniture. These will need to be deducted from your room’s footprint.

Step 3
Total Area

Once these deductions are applied you will have left your heatable floor area.

Heatable Area Calculator

Measure your room


Measure your unheatable areas

Underfloor heating cannot be laid under fixed furniture or appliances with no air circulation underneath. Measure and add each appliance below.

We calculate your total unheatable area to be:
We calculate your total heatable area to be:

This includes a 10% reduction to accomodate the required 50mm border around the edge of the heating.

Things to consider

Electric Underfloor Heating
Tip 1
When purchasing your mat system, you'll reduce this heatable area by 10% to allow for a 50mm to 100mm perimeter around the room, along with an allowance to space matting so it doesn't overlap.
Tip 2
For areas that are awkward in shape such as bathrooms a loose cable is suggested, this will maximise the heating area, provide an easy install solution and a more efficient and even heat.
Tip 3
The underfloor heating element cannot be shortened in length as this will invalidate your lifetime warranty so ordering the correct size system is essential.
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Water Underfloor Heating
Tip 1
You'll need to take into account how far the pump / manifold will be from the rooms entrance.
Tip 1
For large areas or if you would like to install water underfloor heating throughout the entire property please get in touch and take advantage of our design and quote service.
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