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Man considering underfloor heating
Which System to Choose?

Not sure if you should choose an Electric or Water system? Read on to get a better idea.

Fastwarm Consumer Guide and Manuals
Consumer Guide

Get more details about our entire range in our consumer guide.

Man watching install video on tablet
Installation Videos and Manuals

Need help installing your system, we've created a library of installation how to's to lend a hand.

Knowledge Hub Frequently Asked Questions

We've tried to provide answers to any questions you may have in our extensive FAQ section.

Knowledge Hub Measuring Up Guides
Measuring Up

Need help understanding what size kit you need or how much adhesive to buy?

Knowledge Hub How Much Adhesive & Leveller
Adhesive & Leveller

Need help understanding how much Tile Adhesive or Levelling Compound to buy?

Knowledge Hub Room Calculator
Room Calculator

Use our handy room calculator to work out the heatable area of your room.

Knowledge Hub Running Costs
Running Costs

Find out the cost of running underfloor heating in your home.

Knowledge Hub Floor Covering Guide
Floor Covering Guides

Learn which floor coverings are compatible with which underfloor heating system.

Knowledge Hub Cable Coverage Guide
Cable Coverage Guide

Understand how much cable you need for your desired power output.

Knowledge Hub Insulation Calculator
How Much Insulation?

Our handy guide to how much insulation you'll need for your project.

Knowledge Hub Insulation Calculator
Fitting Large Areas

Our guide on installing Underfloor Heating in large areas

Knowledge Hub Install Tools
Install Tools

A guide to the tools you'll need when installing Underfloor Heating

Knowledge Hub Complete Installation Guide
Complete Installation Guide

Everything you need to know about installing underfloor heating

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