UK Customer Satisfaction Awards

We always strive for excellence, and our awards are the proof!

Result: Finalist
The Institute of Customer Service UK Customer Satisfaction Awards 2012 is an annual awards program that recognizes and celebrates excellence in customer service in the United Kingdom.

The awards are open to organizations of all sizes and across all sectors, with a focus on businesses that are delivering outstanding customer experiences. The categories for the awards cover a wide range of areas, including customer service, employee engagement, digital customer experience, and customer feedback.

The selection process is based on a rigorous evaluation of the entrants' customer service, including a review of their customer satisfaction data, customer feedback, and employee satisfaction. The Institute of Customer Service UK Customer Satisfaction Awards aim to promote excellence in customer service, encourage the development of high-quality customer experiences, and provide a platform for sharing best practices and learning from industry leaders.

The awards offer an opportunity for businesses to showcase their achievements, build their brand, and connect with other customer-focused organizations.