Water Underfloor Heating Castellated Panels

Fastwarm® Castellated panels are used in both new build and retro-fit scenarios, offering a simple solution for complicated spiral installs or easier serpentine applications. Panel depths vary from 21mm to 16mm.

21mm Castellated Panels (In Screed)
Used in new build scenarios, laid onto the PIR insulation (Celotex/Kingspan) then covered with a screed. Each castellation is spaced at 50mm ideal for 150mm and 200mm pipe spacing using the Fastwarm® 16mm Pipe.
16mm Castellated Panels
Used in retro fit scenarios where height build up poses an issue, accommodating the Fastwarm® 12mm Pipe. Ideally laid on insulated screed or placed onto of our Fastwarm® Insulated Boards. Each panel has a self adhesive backing and must be cover with a levelling compound.

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