Introducing an Unbeatable Partnership:

Fastwarm Underfloor Heating and Team Hard join forces in the Kwikfit British Touring Car Championship!

Get ready for a turbocharged alliance that's set to redefine the racing scene in the KwikFit British Touring Car Championship.
Fastwarm Underfloor Heating is proud to announce its exciting partnership with Team Hard, combining innovation, speed, and energy efficiency to dominate the tracks like never before.
Start of the race at the BTCC
Camera crew at the BTCC
Committed to pushing boundaries, achieving excellence, and embracing the pursuit of victory.
Fastwarm, a trusted industry leader in underfloor heating solutions, mirrors the precision and advanced technology synonymous with Team Hard's racing prowess.
Why is this partnership a game-changer?
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Shared Commitment
to Excellence
Fastwarm and Team Hard are driven by a shared commitment to excellence. Just as Fastwarm's underfloor heating systems provide unparalleled comfort and efficiency, Team Hard strives for the pinnacle of racing success in the KwikFit British Touring Car Championship.
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Innovation on
the Fast Track
Speed and innovation are at the heart of both Fastwarm and Team Hard. Fastwarm's cutting-edge underfloor heating solutions revolutionize the way we heat our homes, delivering warmth swiftly and efficiently. Similarly, Team Hard's race cars embody the epitome of automotive innovation, pushing the boundaries of what's possible on the racing circuit.
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Just as Fastwarm's heating systems provide consistent warmth, Team Hard showcases consistent performance and determination on the racing circuit. The drive to excel, race after race, is a hallmark of both entities, ensuring an exciting and action action packed championship season.
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Energy Efficiency
Fastwarm's dedication to energyefficient heating solutions aligns perfectly with Team Hard's pursuit of optimizing every ounce of energy for peak racing performance. This partnership emphasizes the importance of sustainable practices in both the racing world and our daily lives.
Be prepared to witness Fastwarm Underfloor Heating and Team Hard blaze a trail of victory in the KwikFit British Touring Car Championship.
Stay tuned for adrenaline-pumping races and breakthrough moments as we redefine what it means to be fast, efficient, and successful on and off the track.
Join us on this exhilarating journey as we heat up the competition and revolutionize the racing experience!